To Repair or to Replace that is the question…

Knowing when to replace your Air Conditioner and Furnace versus repairing it.

The straightforward answer is it really depends, but that question usually comes up
when your heating or cooling system stops working.

If your current HVAC system is in need of repairs, Around the Clock Heating and Air Conditioning will provide you with an honest written condition assessment and a repair estimate for a minimal fee. Depending on the state and relative age of your equipment, it may be still more cost–effective to repair. If you think, however, that installing a new energy–efficient A/C system will provide a better return on your dollars spent, we will be happy to discuss options and provide recommendations for a new air conditioner and or furnace based on your particular heating and cooling needs.

When is it the right time to Replace an aging Furnace and
Air Conditioner?

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if you need assistance in determining if it’s more cost-effective to repair or replace your aging heating or cooling system.

Although repairing may often be the most affordable short-term solution, it might not be in reality the most economical or best option in the long run.
Here are some key factors to consider:

Here are some key factors to consider:

The Fifty Percent Rule

When the cost of repairing your older equipment approaches 50% of the value of your heating or cooling system, it’s generally advisable to replace the system. Technology and energy efficiency have evolved so significantly in the last 20 years that the utility savings alone usually justify the economics of replacement.

The Frequency of down time

If your aging HVAC system has shown a pattern of unexpected and frequent performance issues, it’s likely that in time, they will only get worse not better. These machines are mechanical and the wear and tear on them can be formidable based on usage. Like all machines, moving parts do have a finite life span.

The Age

If your system is more than 12 years old, because heating and cooling efficiencies have dramatically evolved in the last two decades, today’s state-of-the-art comfort systems offer:

  • Lower utility bills – A high-efficiency comfort system from Lennox can save you hundreds of dollars each year in energy costs, compared to your older system.

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The Environment

Friendlier refrigerant means a better environment for all– Due to growing global warming concerns, the U.S. federal government has mandated all HVAC manufacturers phase out R-22 refrigerant-based equipment. Today, Lennox mainly manufactures cooling systems with R-410A, a U.S. EPA-approved, and environmentally friendlier chlorine-free refrigerant.

The HASSLE factor
Headache Free factor

Convenience – When you purchase a new Lennox system from Around the Clock Heating and Air Conditioning, you avoid the headache of repairs or being unexpectedly being left without climate control when you need it.

Warranty Assurance – If you have an aging outdoor unit that needs repair, but replacing your indoor air handler or furnace is not an immediate option, a dry-charged unit may be a cost-effective solution. It allows you to avoid the costs of ongoing repair, while giving you a new outdoor unit with by a 5-year Limited Warranty.

Improved air quality – Lennox home comfort systems are available with Healthy Climate® filtration, which minimizes the impact of indoor pollutants while better humidity control reduces the potential for mildew and mold.