Ducting Solutions Duct Sealing The Applied Science of Airflow Management
Ducting Solutions Duct Sealing The Applied Science of Airflow Management
Ducting Solutions Duct Sealing The Applied Science of Airflow Management

Ducting Sealing and Installation Services

Do your utility bills seem to be getting higher as the performance of your climate control system seems to be getting lower? The fault may not be a failing furnace, A/C or air handler, it may actually be your ducting. Over time, small holes and tears may develop in the flex or old rigid metal ducting seams, which can cause air leaks. This hot or cold air loss is not something you would even be aware of unless you start comparing your utility bills or begin noticing that your cooling and heating is not quite what it used to be. If you think this may be happening in your home, call the duct sealing specialists at Around the Clock Heating and Air Conditioning. We have the technology and knowhow to ensure that the integrity of your airflow system is restored to its proper operating state.

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The Los Angeles Ducting pros at Around the Clock Heating and Air Conditioning offer commercial grade duct sealing throughout LA and Ventura Counties. Call us at 800-434-9277 or click for the BEST VALUE in high quality ductwork repair services at the most competitive prices in the greater Los Angeles area.

Early Indicators that You may need Duct Sealing

One of the main problems that damaged ductwork presents to any homeowner is that it can be difficult to detect. The majority of your ductwork is in fact hidden behind your walls, beneath your floors or in attic crawl spaces. There is no real way to visually inspect the entire air transport network to determine if there are indeed tears, corrosion or other problems with the system. There are, however, a few indicators that can alert you to the possibility of damaged air ducts:

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Leaky duct connection
Return leaks
Furniture blocking register
Furnace & filter slot and duct tape faliure
Fallen duct insulation
Supply leaks
Kinks in ductwork restricting airflow

If you notice more airborne pollutants in your home and your indoor air quality feels like it is declining, improperly sealed air ducts may be the reason. Contaminants can work their way into improperly sealed ductwork. This can negatively impact your home’s indoor air quality and lead to respiratory issues or trigger allergies.

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Identifying Causes requiring Duct Sealing or Repair in Los Angeles

If you find these types of duct problems in your home, the EPA recommends calling an HVAC contractor to help you resolve them. The air management professionals at Around the Clock Heating and Air Conditioning not only have the skill set to repair and seal any compromised ducting, but will also be able to pressure test the system after the repairs are completed to make sure that your system is performing correctly.

Mastic sealant is an effective way
to stop leaks at duct joints

Metal tape can also be used
to seal duct leaks

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Why the EPA recommends a Professional to handle
Duct Sealing in Los Angeles

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For one, the source of the problem must be identified accurately (no easy task for a non-professional), and the proper materials must be employed to permanently resolve the issue. It’s not advisable for a homeowner to start tearing through drywall or slithering through crawl spaces with a flashlight in one hand and a roll of duct tape in the other. The only individuals qualified to perform pro-grade duct sealing in Los Angeles, CA are skilled, trained air management professionals. Call or click for Around the Clock Heating and Air Conditioning Ducting Solution team and an air management professional will happily provide you with the answers and information you want and need. Schedule professional duct sealing service and don’t let poor ductwork performance and efficiency affect your comfort and your utility expenses.