Ducting Solutions Duct Insulation The Applied Science of Airflow Management
Ducting Solutions Duct Insulation The Applied Science of Airflow Management
Ducting Solutions Duct Insulation The Applied Science of Airflow Management

Ducting Insulation and Installation Services

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Ducting system are designed to supply heated or cooled air from a central furnace or air conditioning system to the living areas throughout your home and return an equal volume of air from these habitable areas back to the same heating and cooling equipment to be reconditioned. These air transport ducts are typically located in out-of-sight, unconditioned spaces, like attics, raised foundation sub floors, inside walls, crawlspaces, garages, or unfinished basements. Ducting is often made of materials like sheet metal, which is usually thin and conducts heat easily. Poorly or un-insulated ducts, traveling through these unconditioned spaces, particularly in Los Angeles’ extreme winter and summer temperature swings, can contribute to a loss or a gain through conduction of as much as 10 to 30 percent of the energy used to heat or cool the air. In fact, in order to maintain temperatures at a comfortable level, the heating and air conditioning equipment is forced to work significantly harder to make up for these conduction losses. Thus, un-insulated or poorly insulated ducts dramatically reduce the efficiency of the heating and cooling systems while increasing energy bills.

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The Los Angeles Ductwork experts at Around the Clock Heating and Air Conditioning offer best-in-class duct insulation services throughout LA, the San Fernando Valley and Ventura County CA. Call us at 800-434-9277 or click for the BEST VALUE in all ductwork services in the greater Los Angeles area.

Why Insulate in a Warm Weather Climate?
The Benefits of proper Duct Insulation in Los Angeles

The central benefit of insulating ductwork is that it allows the supply air to be delivered closer to the set temperatures, minimizing not only conductive heat losses, but conductive gains. As a result duct insulation provides improved living comfort and lower utility bills in both hot and cold environments.

The average homeowner in fact spends approximately $700 per year on heating and cooling. Duct insulation minimizes heating and cooling systems’ operating time, resulting in lower energy bills, making homes less expensive to operate.

Duct insulation can also reduce space conditioning loads and, and in some cases, allows for the installation of less expensive, smaller tonnage heating and cooling equipment as well as reducing noise while delivering better humidity control.

Most Homes Will Benefit from Ducting Insulation

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Around the Clock Heating and Air Duct Insulation services
for Los Angeles-Area Homeowners

The EPA recommends proper insulation of ducts as a means of improving system efficiency and lowering energy bills. Improved home efficiency and conservation sensitivity is a goal of many environmentally conscious California residents. Adding duct insulation is a proven way to decrease heating and cooling bills all year round.

Insulation R-values are typically selected based on climate and duct location. Due to the extreme heat conditions in the greater Los Angeles area, Around the Clock Heating and Air Conditioning only uses the top of the line rated Hart & Cooley R8 value flex ducting and in special circumstances custom fabricated sheet metal ducts.

Around the Clock Heating and Air Conditioning
Duct Insulation teams only use the best-in-class products in their insulation process:

DUCTLINER - Johns Manville Linacoustic RC designed for inside air conditioning and heating sheet metal ducts providing both acoustical and thermal benefits.

PLENUM LINER - Johns Manville Permacote R-300 Rigid Fiber Glass Plenum Liner Board which offers exceptional durability and superior acoustical and thermal performance in systems operating at velocities up to 6000 FPM and temperatures up to 250 degrees F.

DUCT WRAP - Formaldehyde-free Johns Manville Microlite XG Duct Wrap insulation. This product is a light weight, highly resilient, blanket-type insulation designed for use on the exterior of HVAC Ductwork Systems.

DUCT BOARD - Johns Manville Mat-faced Micro-Aire fiber glass duct board.

GRIPNAIL - Ductliner weld pins and bangers used for mechanically securing the ductliner to the sheet metal ductwork.

SEALANTS and ADHESIVES - Design Polymerics and Polymer Adhesives brands of ductliner adhesive and duct sealants.

TAPES - Ideal and Venture brands of HVAC tapes used for sealing insulation or ducting where specified.

If you want to learn more about the energy savings you can gain through proper duct insulation call or click for the duct insulation specialists at Around the Clock Heating and Air Conditioning. We have the technology and knowhow to ensure that the integrity of your airflow system is restored to its proper operating state.