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About Us
About Us


Around The Clock Air Heating & Conditioning will provide quality products and services at the highest standards of our industry, on time, every time and always be mindful of our customer’s interests first. PERIOD.

We know today’s buyer, thanks to the internet’s information explosion, is savvier than ever. At Around The Clock Air Heating and Conditioning everything we do is out in the open, so as a consumer you can make an educated and intelligent choice.

Ethics above all.
Not just a bunch of hot air. Although one would think that in today’s Internet era, access to the free flow of information would keep everyone in the HVAC space honest, the sad truth is that, although there are several very reputable professionals, there are many more that tend to operate on the “fringe.” This includes everything from “up-selling,” to installing lesser quality hardware or taking shortcuts during the installation process. After almost 50 years serving Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, Ventura and Santa Clarita Valley, Around The Clock Heating and Air Conditioning knows that every shortcut leads to the longest road in the world. We live and breathe by our reputation and as such believe in treating consumers the way we would want to be treated.

Our business emphasis has, is and always will be on VALUE. As we did when we started off as a modest family owned business decades ago, we continue today to offer competitive pricing and expert service to all our residential customers.

Core Values Around the Clock
Alex "Al" Uchitel
Around the Clock Heating
and Air Conditioning

One SIZE does not fit ALL

No cookie cutter installations. Every project is CUSTOMIZED to the unique needs and environment of the client. Every install is a SPECIALLY designed and applied SOLUTION.


Comfort “BUILT AROUND the CUSTOMER.” Around the Clock Air Heating and Conditioning offers INTEGRATED AIR MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS designed to solve problems intelligently, efficiently and most of all for human comfort.

Be competitive through
Technological optimization

Not just opportunistic marketing. Around the Clock Air Heating and Conditioning is at the cutting edge of the technological offerings and best practices of our industry. This enables us to competitively be ahead of the curve as opposed to trailing it, offering certain competitive economies that we pass on to our customers.

EXPERTISE... not just product.

Although as a Lennox Premier Dealer we believe we truly sell the best product line on the market, the equipment we market is only an instrument, a tool of our applied knowledge and process. In other words technology does not drive our expertise. Our expertise drives the technology we use.

Educate the customer.

The more you know the more you will appreciate what we do. Around the Clock Air Heating and Conditioning’s mission is to inform our health-conscious customers of the environmental threats facing them in their home living in Southern California. For this reason we have established the Ask me about YOUR AIR QUALITY AQMRTM (Air Quality Management Report).

Educate our team.
Around the Clock Air Heating and Conditioning

is constantly learning about the newest and best practices, products and services available through its related trade and industry affiliations. We are on the cutting-edge of technology in servicing your system and proper design and installation of your equipment.

Look forwards…not backwards.

Around the Clock Air Heating and Conditioning focuses on new ideas and technology. Thanks to computers, tablets and smart phone technology, climate control, air management science is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Around the Clock Air Heating and Conditioning is at the cutting-edge of new technologies like WI-FI control, remote zone programming and renewable energy integration.