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About Us
About Us

Welcome. Thank you for visiting Around the Clock Heating and Air Conditioning and considering us for your air management needs.

For nearly a half a century, we have been singularly dedicated to two things: exceeding industry standards and true customer delight (they are in fact interrelated). While most everyone in our trade states the obvious, that they strive for customer satisfaction, we view mere customer satisfaction as merely the baseline, given the hyper competitive Internet age we live in.

In fact we believe than anything less than TRUE DELIGHT barely makes the grade.

I built Around the Clock Heating and Air Conditioning with the aim of not being your garden variety HVAC contractor, but more of an AIR MANAGEMENT ENGINEERING SPECIALIST. Air is in my blood, figuratively speaking, and after more than 3 decades in this business I literally still bolt up awake in the middle of the night and scribble down new ideas or sketch out designs for more efficient airflow systems.

The truth is I am passionate about what I do, and it’s reflected in the work every one of our team members delivers every day. In fact, for us, it’s more about the applied science of better air management and the challenge of designing the optimal solution for your living space... than just selling “boxes.” As good as the our Lennox furnaces and air conditioning units truly are, at the end of the day, they are ultimately only sophisticated tools limited by the strength of the installation itself.

The industry’s little known “secret” is that with today’s technological level playing field, thanks to computerization, most of all the top tier equipment brands are relatively close in overall performance. Every major premium manufacturer has their top, mid and low end products.

What is different is that not all installations are created equal. That is not something that can be mass manufactured or automated. It requires old school hard work and engineering knowhow.

The weakest link in the system in fact is not the hardware, but the installation. Critical PLANNING and airflow design are as important as the hardware itself. Our engineering skill set brings that to every project. In fact we look at your home as an entire system and thoroughly evaluate and analyze the unique air flow dynamics of your living space, because ONE SIZE, DOES NOT FIT ALL. Price, SEER and AFUE ratings alone ultimately do not determine the right choice. There is far more to this indefinable algorithm than meets the eye.

Around the Clock’s emphasis on delivering VALUE, combined with our commitment to the highest standards of professionalism as well as our unwavering ethics for over 50 years, make us a unique choice in a crowded and competitive field. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and compete for your business.

Alex (Al) Uchitel
President /CEO
Around the Clock Heating and Air Conditioning