A new energy-efficient air system can only save you money if you have a reliable ductwork system to complement it.  Your ducts are responsible for distributing the air so without a reliable design and installation, you will waste energy.

A reliable HVAC contractor will evaluate your house to determine the manner that your ductwork should be laid out.  They will determine what energy loads each room needs to ensure that it gets enough air.  They will also have to account for things such as joists, roof hips and potential obstructions.

The supply and return ducts must also be placed strategically.  If air is unable to circulate properly through the house, air from the supply ducts will never reach the return ducts.  This creates different air pressure zones throughout your home and outside air will begin to seep in.  This leads to temperature variations in your house, rather than consistent comfort levels.

After the layout is set, the installation is equally important.  There are many guidelines that an HVAC contractor needs to follow to make sure your system is energy efficient.  If the job is not done right the first time, you will have to call someone back to fix it.  Even if there is a guarantee on the work and there is no extra charge for repairing faulty work, it can still be a major inconvenience.

A large part of the ductwork becomes inaccessible after the installation so it’s important that the connections between ducts are as airtight as possible when first installed.  This will help make sure you are not losing conditioned air before it ever reaches its destination.  Leaks can be responsible for homes losing up to 20 percent of their conditioned air.

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