You may have heard about tankless water heaters as a replacement for water boilers with storage tanks.  These on-demand systems provide hot water only when you need it, instead of wasting energy by constantly keeping water hot.  In fact, tankless water heaters have so many benefits that they are rapidly replacing storage water heaters.  

If you’re considering an upgrade in your water heater system, consider these energy-saving features:

  • When hot water is needed in your home, cold water flows into the tankless unit, where it passes through a series of heating elements, quickly delivering hot water.
  • The heating element can be fueled by either natural gas or electricity, so they can be installed in almost any home.
  • You never have to wait for a storage tank to fill up; even if your family uses a significant amount of hot water, there will always be more available.
  • If your hot water needs exceed the capacity of one unit, you can install multiple tankless water heaters in your home.  These can either be installed in parallel or in separate locations, depending on the layout of your home and your water usage habits.

Like any new appliance, it is important to select the right size and type.  The size will depend on your family’s typical daily water use, and the type will depend on which energy source makes the most sense.  Gas-powered models can sometimes use more energy because they fuel a pilot light. However, one solution is to install an intermittent ignition device.  Your contractor can help you decide which model makes sense, but you should also ask him or her to calculate the estimated monthly savings that you can get.

The professionals at Around the Clock Air Conditioning and Heating in North Hollywood can help you evaluate your family’s hot water needs and determine what type of water heater system works best for your home.  Whether you choose a conventional model or tankless water heaters, our expert installation and service will ensure that your new equipment functions properly and efficiently.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation, or to ask us any questions.

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