Air is, quite obviously, the most important element in our everyday lives. It trumps shelter, food and even water when it comes to our survival. This necessity has led us to breathe whatever air is currently available, no matter the quality.

When it comes to your home, however, there is no reason not to breathe clean, fresh air on a daily basis. One of the best ways to achieve this is by utilizing a UV-Light System, which will solve three of your indoor air problems — viruses, bacteria and pollutants — for good.

Bye bye bacteria

You really can’t beat the eradication of bacteria, but that’s precisely what you get with a UV-Light System. This system doesn’t simply fight germs. Instead, under the right conditions, the ultraviolet lights break them down by attacking their DNA. This causes the bacteria to effectively be made sterile, incapable of reproduction. This is extremely helpful in households where members are susceptible to illnesses, but can benefit everyone.

Fight viruses

Bacteria isn’t the only thing on the system’s hit list. Just like bacteria, viruses are broken down at the DNA level, and just like bacteria, this renders them unable to reproduce.  If you’re worried about infection or simply want to stay as safe as you possibly can, nothing will fight viruses by removing them from your air more efficiently or effectively.

The destruction of pollutants

Purification of the air is extremely important in ensuring the best indoor air quality possible. When used in conjunction with UV-activated catalysts, a UV-Light System will destroy odors and chemical residue left behind by a variety of products. Many homes are plagued by cigarette smoke lofting in the air and this system can rid your home of the odors left behind.

Installing a UV-Light System in your home can provide you with clean, fresh indoor air.  For more information on this amazing system and how it can help rid your home of bacteria, viruses and pollutants, please contact Around the Clock Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc.

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