A Dust-Free Home: Can You Really Trust Your Duster? 6 Steps That Will Remove And Control DustDust is one of those household problems nobody really wants to deal with, yet we all have to at some point. If dusting is one of your least favorite household chores, consider these six steps to bring you closer to a dust-free home.

  1. Remove your wall-to-wall carpet. Large areas of carpeting can hold incredible quantities of dust. It gets released into the air every time you walk in it, and even regular vacuuming will never get rid of all the dust. Consider replacing your carpet with hardwood floors, which are infinitely easier to clean.
  2. Upgrade your furnace filters and change them often. High-efficiency filters trap smaller particles of dust than cheap, disposable fiberglass filters. Changing them whenever they get dirty ensures that they continue to be effective.
  3. Stop sweeping and start mopping. Sweeping doesn’t really remove dust, it just moves it around. Mopping is much more effective.
  4. Eliminate the places where dust gathers and hides. Just like carpet, upholstered furniture and heavy drapes gather and hold dust. Replace these items with vinyl or leather furniture and Venetian blinds. Lots of small decorative objects also gather dust and make the job of dusting more difficult and time consuming, so you can benefit by minimizing these items.
  5. Consider an air purifier. Air purifiers can be enormously helpful when it comes to removing airborne dust from your home, and they also eliminate pollen, mold spores and countless other particles. Depending on your needs, you might consider a whole-house air purification system or one or more portable air purifiers.
  6. Dust wisely. Use a damp rag instead of a feather duster. Start at the highest level and work your way down; that way you keep up with dust as it settles.

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