A HEPA-Filtration System Simplifies Your Life In 3 WaysWouldn’t it be nice if everything in your life was simple? Well, we can’t help you with your intense boss, or drop your kids off at soccer practice, but we can help you simplify your home’s interior air with a HEPA-Filtration System. Take a few minutes to read this short description of the three ways our systems will make your life easier before you get back to your busy day.

What is a HEPA-filtration system?

A High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter is a a filter that works alongside your heating and cooling system to remove over 99.97 percent of particles in the air in your home. It restricts airflow as it removes the debris so it does not work with your HVAC equipment, but rather in addition to it.

Three ways it makes your life simpler

  • Air filter bypass leakage – Leakage is cut down significantly when you install a quality HEPA-filtration system because you don’t have to worry about loose connections or improper mounting.
  • Proper density for your filters – You don’t want to restrict the airflow into your HVAC more than the manufacturer recommends, but you do want to have an effective filtration system. Quality HEPA filters allow you to match the filter with the recommended levels of airflow so you maximize the performance of your entire system.
  • Increase efficiency – These filters remove particles from the air so efficiently that the airflow passes through your HVAC system more easily than before, cutting back on the amount of energy it costs to suck the air into the unit. The demand on your system decreases, and since heating and cooling the air in your home is the largest energy expense in your home, your energy bills go down.

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