Temperature control consists of three distinct parts that work together to provide warm or cool air into each room of your house. The three home cooling and heating systems depend on one another to perform correctly with energy efficiency.

Your home heating and cooling systems create the conditioned air for your home. The unit is usually located in an out-of-the-way location, and uses the duct system to distribute the air throughout the home. The thermostat determines the temperature of the room, and tells the HVAC unit when to turn on. If one of these pieces malfunctions, the entire system is unbalanced.

Use the following guide to upgrade the energy savings of your home:

Home cooling and heating systems:

  • Replace filters once every three months to maximize efficiency.
  • Have your unit inspected once a year by a qualified technician. The technician will adjust the unit for maximum efficiency.
  • Seal the connection between the heating or cooling unit and the ductwork with mastic.

Duct system:

  • Search the duct system for signs of leaks, such as rust, holes or loose connections. Repair these leaks with foil tape and mastic.
  • Replace any fallen or missing insulation in un-insulated rooms, such as in the crawl space of the house.
  • Remove any furniture or anything else blocking the supply or return vents.


  • Purchase a programmable thermostat or manually adjust the temperature before you leave and at night.
  • Keep the temperature 8-10 degrees above or below your comfortable temperature (depending on the season) while away from the house. Adjust the temperature at night as well.
  • Change batteries once a year to prevent malfunctions.
  • Have your thermostat inspected to ensure it takes accurate temperature readings.

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