Furnace Troubleshooting Tips For Southern California Homeowners By Around The ClockIf you run into any problems with your furnace this winter, you don’t necessarily need to immediately go reaching for the phone to call your service technician. There are some simple furnace troubleshooting tips that can help restore your heating without the extra cost or hassle.

Here are some of the most commonly experienced furnace-related problems along with some tips for you to try out. Don’t try to get fancy and do too much beyond this though as you can easily complicate matters. Be sure to cut off the gas and electricity to the furnace before attempting any of these.

Furnace not creating any heat

  • Be sure that the power switch located on the furnace itself is turned on. You may have turned it off at the end of last winter to keep it from being turned on accidentally in the summer.
  • Check the circuit box to see if the breaker needs to be reset. If the fuse has blown, you will need to replace it.
  • Make sure your thermostat is in heating mode rather than cooling.

Furnace not warming house sufficiently

  • Replace your dirty air filters. Check the original manufacturer’s recommendations on how often you should replace them.
  • Clear any obstacles from in front of the air registers. This includes curtains and furniture that could prevent air from circulating properly into your home.
  • Raise the set temperature so that it is above the current indoor temperature shown on the thermometer.

Blower won’t stop running

  • Turn the setting to “off” or “auto.”
  • Reset the limit switch following the instructions in your furnace’s manual. You will typically set the lower pointer to 90 degrees and the higher one to 115 degrees.

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