If you have ever had an air conditioner that failed to work and blew hot air into your home, you are not alone. This is a common problem among homeowners in Los Angeles or the San Fernando Valley and can usually be fixed easily.When Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Doing Its Job

Beat the SoCal heat this summer by trying these simple solutions. 

A Simple Thermostat Fix 

It may seem obvious, but you should always check the thermostat setting on your air conditioner FIRST when your AC isn’t cooling your home or room effectively. Often the temperature is accidently turned up, especially if you have small children or curious pets. Set the temperature at least 5 degrees below the room temperature for cool and comfortable air.

You should also make sure the fan setting is correct. If it is set to “on,” it will only be circulating air, not cooling it. The setting must be turned to “auto” in order for the air conditioner to begin blowing cold air.

Why Cleaning Your Air Filter Is Important 

One of the most overlooked components of any air conditioner is its air filter. People too often neglect to check their filters, and dust build up will clog airflow making it difficult for cool air to reach you. This also drastically reduces energy efficiency, costing you more for your air conditioner to run while you suffer in the heat.

Filters should be changed or cleaned once a month, depending on the type of AC unit you have and how often you use it. It is easy and inexpensive to do yourself. They are usually located on the front grill of your window air conditioner or along the return duct of a central air conditioning system.

Regularly Clean Your Outdoor Air Conditioner Unit 

Most people forget that their outdoor air conditioner requires cleaning and maintenance on a yearly basis. Inspect the outdoor unit to see if grass, twigs, and weeds are covering it and preventing the refrigerant from cooling down.

You can perform a light cleaning yourself by clearing off the obstructions and using an AC coil cleaner, but you will need professional help to thoroughly clean the unit. Your technician will also be able to check the refrigerant levels and for any possible leaks. You should schedule a cleaning and maintenance visit every year to ensure that this issue is kept in check.

Some Electrical Issues 

Sometimes an electrical problem can cause your air conditioner to stop running. If you notice that it occasionally turns off after being on for a period of time, check all the circuit breakers and service switches to see if there is a problem with your air conditioner. If any of the switches at the compressor, air handler, or electrical panel are turned off, call a professional technician to inspect the problem.


When your air conditioner blows warm air or keeps turning off, it can get frustrating, especially during hot summer days. Make sure that the common issues mentioned above are not causing the malfunction, and be sure to call a certified specialist if you are still experiencing issues.