Compare Before You Buy Your Whole House HumidifierIs the air in your Los Angeles home uncomfortably dry? If you and others in your home suffer from exceptionally dry nasal passages, frequent nosebleeds, and scratchy throats then it is very likely that the air in your home is too dry. Another sign of overly dry air is constant static electricity throughout your home. Having a home that is too dry can also damage wood furniture, causing cracks and drying out of the wood. A whole house humidifier can help make your home more comfortable and protect your wood furniture. But how do you choose the right one?

  1. Determine the square footage of your home. In order to choose the humidifier that is right for you home, first you must know how many square feet will need to be moisturized.
  2. Seal up as many air leaks as possible. A drafty home will require a larger output. Sealing the air leaks will save you money with your utilities and allow you to purchase a humidifier with less output.
  3. Compare the evaporative capacity of the whole house humidifiers you are interested in. One with a higher output will moisturize your home more efficiently than one with a lower output.
  4. Decide if you want a manual or automatic control. Automatic controlled humidifiers allow you to set the humidity level once and will keep it that way. Manual ones need constant adjustment.
  5. Compare the maintenance and cleaning the units require. Some units require less cleaning while others will require more attention. Some units have panel indicator lights which will let you know when it is time for maintenance.
  6. Decide if you want a permanently installed humidifier, or a movable one. Permanently installed humidifiers require little attention as they are installed on the furnace and hooked up to the water line. Movable ones will require regular refilling in order to continue moisturizing the home.

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