Water Heater Corrosion: How to Prevent ItCorrosion can greatly impact the lifespan of your water heater. Water heater corrosion is due to various factors, and it can lead to lower efficiency levels and ultimately to the breakdown of your water heater. Some areas of your water heater are more likely to be affected by corrosion, and it is important to check these areas on a regular basis to prevent the spread of corrosion or possible damage to the water heater.

Water heater corrosion problem areas

  • Anode rod – the anodes inside water heaters are designed to prevent corrosion in the water heater unit by allowing corrosion inside the anode rod. When the anode rod becomes encased in calcium carbonate, it will not be able to prevent corrosion from occurring inside the water heater unit. Anode rods should be checked by a qualified professional.
  • Electrical elements – the elements inside an electrical water heater is made of steel with a copper sheathing. When the inner steel and outer copper becomes wet, corrosion occurs, and the element will eventually fail completely. The electrical elements inside an electrical water heater should be checked for corrosion by a professional.
  • Combustible gas vent pipes – corrosion can damage the pipes that are used to vent the combustible gas from your gas water heater to the outside of your home. Look for signs of rust or holes in the pipe on a regular basis and immediately contact a professional contractor if you notice any suspicious areas.
  • Gas combustion chambers – have the combustion chambers regularly checked for signs of corrosion or rust.

Some of the potential problem areas are hard to reach, and you may need to schedule regular maintenance checks. You can prevent water heater corrosion if you regularly check for signs of corrosion and immediately repair the affected areas.

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