If your morning shower isn’t quite as hot as it used to be or the hot water runs out before you’ve had a chance to rinse, chances are that there’s trouble brewing in your water heater.

These issues can stem from a number of common problems with the hot water system, ranging from simple maintenance issues to serious malfunctions. Having your system evaluated by a qualified technician is the best way to ensure that problems are properly diagnosed and safely repaired.

A buildup of sediment in the hot water tank is often the culprit when you begin to feel an unwelcome chill during your morning shower. Excess sediment takes up room in the tank, reducing the volume of water it can store and heat. That buildup can also shorten the life span of your water heater, so having it flushed on a regular basis will save you money over the long run, as well as make your hot water supply more reliable.

If your hot water has only turned tepid during cold weather, chances are that the winter air is affecting the efficiency of your system. If your water heater is in a cold, drafty area, taking care of cold air leaks can make a big difference, as can insulating hot water pipes and your water heater.

Other common causes of hot water problems include a broken dip tube, which is a plastic tube that carries cold water to the bottom of the tank; a faulty heating element, if your water heater is electric; a failed thermostat; or in a gas heater, a malfunctioning pilot light. However, these are issues that definitely require professional evaluation and repair.

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