Sufferers of asthma, hay fever, emphysema, allergies and chronic bronchitis are always looking for ways to breathe better. It can be particularly trying if you live with smokers as secondhand smoke can cause symptoms to worsen. Air cleaners may be worth considering, as they remove small particles in the air, as well as dust and allergens, helping sufferers of breathing ailments to feel more comfortable in the home.

As air cleaners only work in the room where they are placed, the most logical location to install them is the bedroom, where you’re likely to spend more time. If you spend many hours in the kitchen, living room or home office, you may also consider purchasing air cleaners for these rooms.

Some of the types of air cleaners you may want to consider:

Electronic: Allergens and irritants are attracted to collecting plates by an electrical charge. One disadvantage of these types is they can create small amounts of ozone that irritate the airways.

Germicidal: Using ulvtraviolet lights, they destroy a cell’s DNA, impeding reproduction, and thus reducing bacteria, mold and viruses.

HEPA filtration: HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) systems work with the HVAC system. The HVAC system pulls in air and filters it through a high-efficiency filter, and returns it to the air flowing into the house. This filter is highly effective in trapping particulates that are 0.3 microns or larger in size.

Gas-phase: These work with HEPA systems and use carbon to absorb chemical vapors.

Before you buy, decide how many rooms in your home you want an air cleaner to treat. It may be that a  whole-house air cleaner is your best bet, if you want more capacity than a room air cleaner can provide. They work with your HVAC system, and when used with highly efficient filters, are an effective way to trap irritants.

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