Zone control systems work by dividing homes and offices into zones with separate controls for AC and heating. One zone can be turned off while the other zones are cooled, or different zones can be held at distinct temperatures. With zone controls, you use only as much heating or cooling as you need!

When to Use Zone ControlsSave Money and Increase Comfort by Installing a Zone Control System Today!

Zone control systems work best in spaces of at least 1500 square feet. Medium and large homes, as well as offices, benefit from using zone controls because at least some of the space is not in use for significant parts of the day. For instance, the large conference room in an office may only be used for three hours each day. Zoning systems allow that room to be cooled or heated for those three hours, and then the cooling or heating can be shut off when the room is empty.

Limiting heating and cooling in unused zones not only saves money, but also increases the efficiency of heating and cooling in occupied rooms. Instead of sending all of the heated or cooled air to every zone, zone control systems reroute air from unused zones to occupied zones. This means that less air overall needs to be heated or cooled for the whole home or office. Of course, heating and cooling less air means that the electric bill will be lower!

Zone controls also contribute to greener offices and homes. Their efficient use of energy reduces the building’s impact on the environment and zone control systems are an easy and manageable way for households and businesses to decrease their carbon footprint!

Zone Controls Make Your Home More Comfortable

Not everyone likes the same temperature, so zone control systems provide the perfect means of giving everyone the temperature they prefer. No more arguing about whether to drop the temperature a few degrees. With zone controls, just set the temperature of each room to the desired level for its occupants.

Even better, you can set each zone on an individualized timer. This allows even more personalized control of the temperature in every zone, maximizing your comfort.

Save Money!

You can save hundreds of dollars each year by installing a zone control system. Cut energy costs by as much as 30 percent by only heating and cooling when and where you need it. Installing a zone control system pays for itself very quickly since the installation costs are generally quite affordable. You have no reason not to save. Save your hard-earned cash while increasing comfort and energy efficiency!

Is It Easy to Install a Zone Control System?

It is very simple to install zone controls. You can have a professional install the necessary parts, or you can even do it yourself, if that is what you prefer. All you need to get started is a control panel, one thermostat per zone, and zone dampers.

The control panel will be the primary user interface after installation, allowing you to control temperature settings for each zone independently. The thermostats monitor the temperature in each zone and send information to the control panel. Zone dampers do the real work in zone control systems, controlling the flow of heated or cooled air through your HVAC system.

If you do not have experience working with HVAC systems, consider consulting a professional for advice on increasing efficiency and saving money with new zone controls!