If you are using an older manual thermostat, such as a dial or slide thermostat, you are missing out on big savings and convenience. Replacing your thermostat is an easy, low-cost way to reduce energy costs and make heating and cooling your home more convenient. Rather than replace your HVAC system entirely, or undergo a costly insulation project, see if simply upgrading your thermostat to something digital and programmable can solve your problems.Upgrading Your Thermostat

Types of Programmable Thermostats

There are many programmable thermostats from which you can choose. Some have 7-day programming, and allow you to set a different heating and cooling schedule for every day of the week, others, have 5-2 programming, which let you set a consistent program for weekdays and weekends, while 5-1-1 programming options allow you to set different programs for Saturdays and Sundays. Others set a consistent program for the entire week.

In addition to the programming options, even more advanced programmable thermostats allow you to prioritize different rooms in your house. If everyone is in the living room in the evenings, there is no need to pump heat or cool air into the bedrooms. If a parent working from home stays in their office all day, you can keep that room climate controlled, using ZONE CONTROLS, while leaving the rest of the rooms in the house alone. Other programmable thermostats can remind you to have your system serviced, or even tell you when to replace your air filters.

Consider your schedule, and your family’s schedule, to decide which type of programmable thermostat is right for you. Once you have chosen one, you can start reaping the financial benefits.

Lower Your Energy Costs

The biggest advantage of these programmable, digital thermostats is their reduction of energy costs. If you have a manual thermostat, and you forget to turn down the heat before everyone leaves for work or school in the morning, your house will be heated all day with no one there to enjoy it. If you forget to turn off the air conditioning before everyone heads off to their weekend activities, you will incur the same high costs with no benefit to you.

Families with busy schedules are especially prone to these unnecessary costs. Choosing a programmable thermostat, particularly one that allows you to set a different temperature program for every day of the week, will allow you to spend money heating or cooling your home only when you and your family need it. You will wake up to a comfortable house in the morning and come home to one in the evening without wasting energy during the day or night.

Busy families and working parents cannot afford to waste money heating and cooling their home when no one is there to benefit from the expense of doing so. By choosing the right thermostat, you will keep everyone in your household comfortable and keep more money in your bank account.

Get Yours Today

There are many HVAC specialists throughout SoCal and the Los Angeles area that can help you find the programmable thermostat that is right for you. They can also assist you with installation, which will ensure that everything works properly so you can enjoy maximum savings from the very beginning. Take a look at your local options, select the right programmable thermostat for you, and start saving energy today. You (and your bank account) will be glad that you did.