Homeowners in the greater Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley area of Southern California are always wondering how they can save money on their electric bills each month and yet still stay cool inside their homes. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure that your air conditioning unit is running as efficiently as possible. Regular air conditioning tune-ups are vital to getting the most from your air conditioning unit for the least amount of money.

Can I Do This Myself? 

While it is possible for you to do some of the maintenance on your air conditioning unit yourself, it is best if a professional HVAC technician handles the tune-ups. This is true for several reasons. When the AC technician comes to your home for an air conditioning tune up, he will clean the system, inspect each part of it, and make any needed adjustments. The professional air conditioning technician is trained to look for hidden issues which you might miss, issues which can cost you money.How Regular Air Conditioning Tune-Ups Can Lower Your Utility Bills

Coil Cleaning 

One of the jobs an air conditioning technician will do during a regular air conditioning tune-up is cleaning the coils. There is an indoor evaporator coil that takes in the heat from your home, and an outdoor condenser coil that gives off that heat. If either or both of these coils become dirty, they cannot do their job properly and the heat will not be dispelled from the home as it should. If the heat stays trapped, the air conditioning unit must work harder to cool the home.

Electrical Connections Check Up 

Another maintenance job, which the HVAC technician will perform, is the electrical connections check up. Electrical issues are a top reason that home owners call for repairs on their air conditioning unit. If regular maintenance is performed, however, it is unlikely that you will ever have to make that call. The technician will check all of the electrical connections on the air conditioning unit and make sure that they are working properly and not worn down.

Motor and Oil 

As you might have guessed, there is a fan inside of your air conditioning unit, which is run by motors. When these motors need oiling, they may slow down, which means that the air conditioning unit won’t be able to cool the home properly. This will cause you to have to run the air conditioning more often and for a longer period of time. By oiling these motors, your HVAC technician can help your air conditioning system run much more efficiently.

Look for Refrigerant Leaks 

A professional air conditioning technician will also check for refrigerant leaks. In order to cool the home properly, an air conditioning unit needs certain amounts of refrigerant. If those levels become too low, the air will not be cool, and the air conditioner will work much harder. This could cause damage to the compressor. The technician should look for any leaks and make sure that the refrigerant levels are where they should be.

Faulty Wiring in Thermostat 

Faulty wiring in the thermostat can also cause your air conditioner to run less efficiently. If the wiring is not accurate, the thermostat could actually be set lower than you think. Even being off by one or two degrees can make a huge difference in your electric bill. A technician will make sure that the thermostat is working properly and has no faulty wiring.

Air conditioning tune up is a part of your unit’s maintenance

In short, if a regular air conditioning tune-up is a part of your unit’s maintenance, then it can save you a great deal on your electric bill. Having a licensed professional handle this for you can keep you from spending hundreds of dollars in repairs in the long run.