Over the summer months, our air conditioners can see a great deal of use. Depending on your geographical area, you may even be using your air conditioner in the spring and into fall. So, once the hotter weather has ended, is it the right time to consider replacing your AC equipment?

Is Your AC Getting Old?

There are a few reasons why it may be time to consider replacing your air conditioner. The primary reason is that your system is nearing or beyond its projected lifespan. While you can prolong the lifespan of AC equipment with good care, most manufacturers project a typical lifespan of 10 to 15 years. As your equipment ages, there is more likelihood that components will fail and your system will break down. It is common for people with older AC equipment to be faced with repair bill after repair bill, making replacing your equipment to be the more financially viable option. If you are unsure about whether your AC equipment is reaching the end of its lifespan, you should look at what you have spent in repair bills in recent years. If an emergency call out is a regular occurrence each summer, or you are given a long list of repair tasks during your annual service, it could be the right time to look at investing in some new equipment. This will not only reduce your repair costs, but also improve the reliability of your system, so you know that you can rely on your AC to keep you cool even on the hottest days of the year.

Are Your Energy Bills Significantly Increasing?

While many of us appreciate that each year our bills increase, if your energy bills skyrocket as soon as your AC gets used, then it is likely that your system is no longer operating with good energy efficiency. Older systems or those that are improperly sized for your home can struggle to provide energy efficiency. As the system is forced to work harder and harder to maintain your desired temperature, you will notice that your energy bills increase significantly. Although purchasing new AC equipment may seem like a costly investment, it is worth considering that upgrading can dramatically improve your energy efficiency. Research suggests that approximately half of the energy bills for the typical home is attributed to heating and cooling. This means that upgrading your equipment could have an immediate impact on your utility bills.

Special Deals and Offers:

Summer is a busy time for HVAC specialists. Many homeowners are unprepared for the hotter weather, which means that they experience equipment failure as soon as they start to use their AC more frequently. This means that summer is usually a bad time to buy new AC equipment. Conversely, there are quieter times of the year, when manufacturers and HVAC companies offer some fantastic deals and offers. So, if you are not sure that your AC will survive another summer, it is worth looking at the deals on offer in fall, winter, and spring.