Common Health Effects of Mold and How to Prevent ExposureMold is one of the most common allergens that contribute to poor indoor air quality. The health effects of mold range from mild issues to very serious problems that shouldn’t be ignored. Read on to learn more about the health effects of mold and how to prevent exposure.

Health Effects

Upper respiratory symptoms: Most people that are sensitive to mold will experience respiratory symptoms similar to other allergies. These include irritated eyes, nasal stuffiness and sneezing.

Lung problems: Some individuals experience serious reactions to mold. These include breathing difficulties or asthma attacks. Anyone with a weak immune system can develop a serious lung infection from breathing in  spores. The best way to prevent these health effects is to limit exposure to it.

Skin problems: Like many allergens, mold can cause a systemic response resulting in skin irritation. This results in a histamine response within the body that may cause rashes in areas that have not been in direct contact with mold spores.

Preventing Exposure to Mold

Use an air purification system. A good air purification system suited to your home’s size will filter mold spores and other contaminants from indoor air.

Use a dehumidifier. If your home has excess humidity in any room, mold can grow and release spores. A dehumidifier can lower humidity to prevent mold growth.

Keep your home clean. Discard old newspapers, cardboard and similar items that might grow mold. Also, keep all surfaces clean and free of dust and food particles. You should also empty bowls or saucers beneath plants soon after watering, as well as cleaning plant leaves and removing dead foliage. This is because all organic matter attracts mold growth.

Use exhaust fans in the kitchen, laundry and bath areas. These rooms can grow mold easily due to the dampness. You can use exhaust fans and open windows for ventilation to keep moisture in check.

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