How Can Air Humidifiers Alleviate Allergy Symptoms?With the drastic rise in people suffering from allergies and respiratory illness, it’s essential to maintain proper humidity levels in your home to ward off symptoms. 

If the air in your home seems dry, allergy symptoms can be aggravated and sensitivity can form in those who don’t have allergies. Air humidifiers can improve humidity and reduce the medications required for allergy, respiratory and sinus symptoms.

These are some of the symptom reductions you’ll experience with the proper amount of humidity in your home:

Respiratory symptoms: If the air in your home is too dry, dust particles will remain airborne rather than settling. This can trigger allergy symptoms and asthma attacks for those who are sensitive to dust. Furthermore, it’s important to note that excessive humidity can encourage dust mite growth, so balance is essential.

Sinus conditions: Sinus congestion or runny noses associated with allergies can turn into painful sinus pressure and infection in dry conditions. Your nose acts like a pre-filter for your respiratory system and mucus is required to accomplish this job. If your nose is too dry, allergy symptoms can increase.

Skin irritation: Skin needs moisture to stay hydrated. As such, air humidifiers can help reduce flare-ups from soaps and other irritants as your skin is less sensitive when it’s not dry.

Coughing: A dry, hacking cough might be caused by a respiratory problem. If the air is too dry, you may develop a cough that’s unable to produce the body’s desired effect, which is to clear the lungs.

Eye complaints: Dry air can increase symptoms, such as dry, watery and itchy eyes. These may be more noticeable in children since they tend to rub their eyes when they’re irritated.

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