Most of us live by this policy: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” However, it might be wise to adopt a new policy where your furnace is concerned. A bit of preventive maintenance could go a long way toward boosting your furnace’s performance this winter.

Here’s a checklist to ensure that you do everything you can to keep your furnace burning bright all winter long:

  • Clean all debris and loose items from the unit.
  • Look for signs of premature wear on all moving parts.
  • Moving parts may need to be lubricated.
  • If the fan belt or any other part looks worn, replace it.
  • Ensure that furnace safety features still function.
  • Check the ductwork for possible leaks.
  • Clean and/or replace the flue.
  • When you turn on the furnace, observe any strange sounds or odors. Natural gas contains a foul additive called mercaptan that warns of a gas leak.

This simple checklist may make the difference in your comfort level this winter.

While some Los Angeles homeowners may be comfortable troubleshooting their furnace on their own, some aspects of preventive maintenance should be handled by a professional. Not only can a trained technician diagnose and treat an ailing furnace more effectively than a non-professional, but certain aspects of furnace maintenance are dangerous if you don’t have the proper tools and expertise.

If you schedule professional furnace checks on a annual basis, you will save yourself money in the long run by preventing small repair issues from becoming large ones. All in all, a professional HVAC consultant’s services can simplify your life and save you money.

Instead of waiting for your furnace to break down during the coldest part of the year, practice a little preventive maintenance. Instead of being caught out in the cold this winter, contact a professional at Around the Clock Air Conditioning and Heating. Call us today!

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