If you haven’t had you air conditioner checked this spring, you might want to do it before the warmer months get here. By making sure that your system is working correctly, now, your air conditioner will be able to produce cool air all summer long. You definitely do not want to have your system breakdown in the middle of the hot months ahead.

An air conditioner preventive maintenance check-up, conducted by a professional, will consider the following factors:

  • The Electrical Connections in Your System: Bad connections cause your system to function unsafely.
  • Your System’s Thermostat Settings: Your system’s settings are vital to it’s ability to function adequately. Some questions that your technician might as: Is your system set to operate when you’re not at home? Is it set lower than necessary?
  • The Condensate Drains in Your System: If you system’s drains are clogged or plugged, the humidity levels in your home can reach harmful levels. A preventive maintenance check-up, conducted by a professional, will ensure that the levels of humidity in your home remain at an adequate level.
  • Proper Lubrication of Parts in Your System: Certain parts in your system need to be well-lubricated. Without the proper lubrication, there will be friction in your system. Friction will raise the amount of energy needed to keep your house cool.
  • Your System’s Refrigerant Levels: If the refrigerant is too high or too low, your system will function inefficiently.
  • Evaporator and Condenser Coils in Your System: Dirty coils in your system will decrease its lifespan and increase the cost of your monthly utility bills.
  • Your System’s Blower Components: System’s with airflow problems have a 15 percent reduction in efficiency.

A preventive maintenance check-up carried out by an expert heating and cooling technician will provide you with comfort in knowing that your system is in the optimal working condition. With your system operating adequately, you will save money on your utility bill.

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