Dealing With A Leaky Air Conditioner? Learn How To Protect Your System -- And Your HomeThroughout the summer months, the air conditioner is key for keeping your home cool and comfortable. As the unit cools the air, condensation is produced and can build up. The buildup of clogs in the drainage system can cause the air conditioner to leak. Luckily, regular maintenance and some simple do-it-yourself tips will help you prevent leaks and the potential disasters associated with a leaky air conditioner.

Check for leaks

Check your air conditioner regularly for signs of a leak or water standing in the drain pan. If you spot a leak or standing water, turn off the A/C unit and contact your HVAC professional.

Schedule annual maintenance

Your first line of defense in preventing a leaky air conditioner is to schedule regular, annual HVAC maintenance. Speak with your trusted contractor about developing an annual air conditioner maintenance list that helps treat and protect against leaks. Your HVAC agreement should include tasks such as:

  • Checking the main drain
  • Checking all drain lines (including emergency) for clogs
  • Changing air conditioning filter

After maintenance is completed, continue to check your filter on a monthly basis. Change filters that become clogged or excessively dirty.


Have your air conditioner treated with an algaecide treatment on an annual basis. Algaecide treatment kills any algae growing in the drainage system. Algae growth commonly causes clogs which can lead to a leaky air conditioner.

Safety float switch

Consider having your HVAC contractor install a safety float switch on your A/C unit. Should water begin to accumulate in the drain pan, the float switch shuts of the A/C unit in order to prevent leaks. This will also alert you to the problem, so you can contact your contractor to inspect the system and make any necessary repairs.

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