A new furnace represents a significant investment in your indoor comfort and getting the right system is crucial. Once you’ve identified all of your needs, you will have a better idea of which features you need and a shortlist of models that you’re interested in. Before you go ahead and make a purchase take some time to consider how much money you can afford to spend. A furnace can be an expensive proposition, but there are ways to make it far more affordable. Here are four top tips to follow that could save you some money when you purchase your new furnace.

1. Understand the Operating Costs

Many people make a crucial mistake when they purchase a furnace for their home. They can afford the furnace, but they don’t look into how much it will cost to operate. All furnaces and HVAC systems have different efficiency ratings, and this will determine how much they cost to run. Look for an Energy Star label on your new appliances, this equipment may be more expensive, but it will have a decent energy efficiency rating.

2. Consider Financing Options

Many people don’t have the cash on hand to purchase a furnace or HVAC system outright. There are many financing options available, such as home improvement loans, home equity loans, and even credit cards, but these are often a poor choice. Look around for different financing options; many heating companies have tailored finance packages that have competitive rates.

3. Maintenance is Essential

Once a furnace has been purchased it’s essential to protect your investment. A well maintained system will be more energy efficient, less likely to fail and have a longer useful lifespan. Get your system serviced before each cooling or heating season by a certified HVAC technician to ensure that it’s working as intended by the manufacturer. A simple job that can be carried out by anyone is to regularly change the air filter to keep the air flowing easily. Regular maintenance is a far more cost effective approach than waiting for the system to fail and then having it repaired or even replaced. Check with your local HVAC company; they may have a servicing program that you can join to save even more money.

4.Tame Your Utility Bills

A smart thermostat can be a very useful piece of equipment for more precise control over your indoor heating and cooling needs. It can also help you to save money on your utility bills when you’re away from home. A simple to use App will allow you to adjust your setting remotely via WiFi as required. If you’re going to be late a traditional timer will turn on automatically and waste valuable energy. When you use a smart thermostat, it’s easy to notify the system that you won’t need it to turn on until later when you will return home. This will ensure that you always have a comfortable indoor temperature while keeping your energy bills under control.