Chances are the only time you think about your hot water heater is when it breaks down or starts to make strange noises. However, these problems can be avoided with a little preventive maintenance. In many cases, you can perform maintenance tasks on your own, including draining your water heater.

Draining your water heater can help you fix and avoid problems like foul odors, gurgling noises and not getting enough hot water. Follow these steps to drain and flush the system yourself:

  • Turn off the electric power supply or close the fuel valve.
  • Allow the water to cool.
  • Close the inlet valve so that no new water will enter the tank.
  • Attach a hose to the drain valve and direct it to a drain, a bucket or the outdoors.
  • Open one hot water faucet in the house and open the drain valve at the base of the tank.
  • After the tank has emptied, run the cold water until it runs clear.
  • Close the drain valve, remove the hose and open the water inlet valve to allow the tank to fill.
  • Turn on the electricity or open the fuel valve and re-ignite the pilot light.

If draining and flushing does not solve your problem, contact a professional water heater repair service. You should also seek professional assistance if you smell natural gas, have a hot water leak or hear a boiling sound from the tank.

Remember, hot water accounts for almost one third of your monthly utility bills, so it’s just as important to keep this system maintained as it is to maintain your heating and cooling equipment.

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