When the air becomes uncomfortably dry this winter, how do you plan to achieve the level of comfort you desire? Some Los Angeles residents choose portable humidifiers. However, unless you only want to feel comfortable in one room, you’ll need multiple portable humidifiers to accomplish what whole-house humidifiers can do. Here are the benefits that whole-house humidifiers have over their portable counterparts.

  • Whole-house comfort: The cost of a single whole-house humidifier is less than investing in multiple high-quality portable humidifiers. If your goal is comfort in every room, it makes sense to choose a whole-house option.
  • Low maintenance: Portable units must be refilled frequently, and some models have to be cleaned between every use. Failure to clean portable units frequently can lead to mold growth and mineral deposits that can ruin the unit. Whole-house humidifiers have an air filter that should be changed every 6-12 months, and that’s the only maintenance required. Since it draws water from the plumbing, there’s no standing water or mold to worry about.
  • Invisible comfort: Portable units are unattractive and intrude on your living space, but since whole-house humidifiers are integrated into the central heating system, they’re as out of the way as your furnace. They’re also virtually soundless, while many portable units are noisy.
  • Low energy consumption: Multiple portable units, which are required to match the humidifying capabilities of a whole-house unit, consume more energy than one whole-house humidifier. In fact, since a home kept at a comfortable relative humidity allows you to turn down the temperature, your whole-house humidifier will actually save you money on your heating bills.

If you own your home, meaning that whole-house humidifier installation is an option, there’s no reason to go another winter living in an uncomfortably dry home. For more information, please contact Around the Clock Air Conditioning and Heating. We’re happy to answer your questions and offer our expert advice based on your specific situation.

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