What You Can Expect When A Professional Conducts Your Home's Energy EvaluationSealing off areas of energy loss in your house is a smart tactic for saving on fuel costs and improving the comfort level of your home. Sometimes, however, it’s hard to find those spots where conditioned air and energy escape. You may need the services of a professional energy auditor, who will perform a thorough home energy assessment on your residence.

Before the test, gather background information for the auditor. Descriptions of your home’s energy characteristics and documentation of known problems makes the auditor’s job easier and results in better energy evaluations. Provide information such as:

  • Lists of known problems, such as condensation, drafts, or areas with little or no insulation.
  • Previous year’s utility expenses.
  • Average seasonal thermostat settings.
  • Descriptions of residents’ behavior, such as how they use each room, whether anyone is home during daytime hours, and the number of people living in the house.

The auditor will conduct several tests that pinpoint areas of energy leakage:

  • Blower door test – This tests your home’s seal, or how airtight it is. The auditor will mount a large, powerful fan in an exterior door. The fan pulls air out of the house, lowering the pressure inside the building. Outside air then flows into the house through all the hidden cracks and openings, revealing every source of energy loss.
  • Thermographic scan – This scan uses infrared video and still photography to measure surface temperatures. The auditor will take several thermographic photos or videos of the inside or outside of your home. In these images, various colors represent differences in the surface temperature of the walls, ceiling, or roof. Depending on the color, the auditor can tell the amount of energy loss occurring at any spot in the images.

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