Your Water Heater Needs Flushing to Work Well and LongYour water heater heats, stores and re-heats water to provide convenient hot water when needed, but it also stores mineral and sediment deposits that hinder efficient water heating. Learn how a little TLC can help your system provide hot water for less energy and last longer.

Water heater issues

According to, water heating accounts for a significant portion (18 percent) of the typical home’s energy bill. There is plenty of financial incentive to maintain the water heating system, in addition to water quality and system longevity in regards to costly repairs or early tank failure.

The amount of minerals and sediment in fresh water supply depends on the source and the hardness of the water. In the Los Angeles area, water is considered “hard” which means there is faster accumulation of minerals and sediment. As water is heated, impurities are separated from the water. Many of the impurities are attracted to the anode rod, which is designed to protect the tank lining from corrosion, but most of the leftover impurities sink to the bottom of the tank where the heating element (electric or gas burner) is located. Over time, water heating efficiency suffers, and energy bills increase.

Flush the tank

Basic water heater maintenance is a simple task for homeowners, which can reap substantial energy savings and extend the life of the water heater. Once a month, place a bucket beneath the water heater’s drain bib located at the bottom of the tank, and flush up to one gallon of water. Do not use the pressure-relief valve located at the top of the tank to flush water, or you may be scalded by hot water. Since minerals and sediment accumulate on the tank’s bottom, flushing the tank regularly removes these impurities and promotes efficient heating and tank integrity.

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