Zoning systems eliminate many of the comfort problems that homes with standard forced-air systems experience.  They are great ways to gain more control over your home’s comfort while at the same time helping you stay energy efficient.

Zoning systems incorporate multiple thermostats that control different areas of your house.  This allows you to have separate temperatures to please different people in different parts of your home.  There is no more “battle of the thermostat” between people whose ideas of ideal temperature differ.

It also allows you to more closely control how much air is being sent to parts of your house that are more frequently unoccupied.  Much like there’s no single light switch for lighting throughout your house, creating zones lets you pump conditioned air only into the parts of the house where you want it.

Trying to attain a singular temperature throughout a house with a single thermostat is a bit of an unrealistic goal to begin with.  Common residential features create obstacles to this happening.  Because heat naturally rises, upper stories will be warmer.  Large windows also allow for more heat to transfer, making these parts of the house cooler or warmer than others.

Zoning eliminates these problems by having different thermostats for different regions of the house.  By intentionally creating zones that are meant to be at different temperatures, you will use less energy.  This means lower utility bills, savings that can help eventually offset the upfront cost of the conversion and installation.

An HVAC specialist can help you determine your best zoning strategy.  Conversions to zone control are quite simple.  They usually involve installing a control panel, dampers, thermostats and some ductwork modification, and then they are good to go.

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