Two-Stage A/C: What Are the Advantages?If you are looking at buying a new air conditioner or replacing your old system, investing in a two-stage system can save money on your energy bills. The biggest difference between a standard air conditioning system and a two-stage system is the compressor. The compressor used in a two stage A/C allows the air conditioner to operate at two speeds, low and high, whereas the compressor used in a standard unit can only operate on high speed.

During mornings, late afternoons and mild summer days the two-stage air conditioner is more than capable of providing your home with the desired comfort levels while operating at a lower speed. A two-stage air conditioner runs almost continuously due to the ability to operate at a lower speed.

The benefits of a two-stage air conditioner

  • Longer life cycle – because a two-stage A/C runs almost continuously, the compressor does not switch on and off all the time, resulting in less wear and tear. Two-stage units last for longer periods and save money on maintenance costs.
  • Humidity control – the continuous operation of a two-stage air conditioner allows the coils to draw more moisture from the air resulting in improved humidity control.
  • Improved comfort – standard air conditioning systems operate in an on-off cycle, and this may lead to a fluctuation in the temperature. Two-stage air conditioners bypass the problem due to the continuous operation of the unit, and they circulate just enough air to keep your home comfortable.

With a two-stage A/C, it is possible to save on energy costs due to the two speeds of operation and you can also save on maintenance costs, as a result of less wear and tear. Annual preventative maintenance performed by a qualified HVAC contractor will extend the life of your two-stage A/C. Savings on costs, improved comfort and greater humidity control makes a two-stage air conditioner an excellent investment.

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