As house prices start to rise again here in Southern California, and we are seeing an increase in inventory demand, many homeowners are considering whether to put their property on the market. Unfortunately, even in a seller’s market, your home may not command the best price and get noticed by potential buyers. The great news is that your HVAC system can help you to sell your home faster and for the best price. Three Ways Your HVAC System Can Help to Sell your Home Faster

A New System Means Less Buyer Expense:

HVAC systems typically have a lifespan of up to 15 years. This timescale means that if your system is nearing the end of this period, a buyer will need to factor a replacement into the costs of buying your home. This also means that buyers will often offer lower prices, reducing your overall sales price. Obviously HVAC systems are a significant investment, so you can reduce the risk of a buyer making a lower offer by showcasing how your system is relatively new.

Showcase Energy Efficiency:

With the rising cost of utilities and many consumers being more aware of their energy consumption and environmental footprint, most buyers are concerned about the energy efficiency of their potential new home. According to a USA Today report, homes that are rated as the most energy efficient typically sell for 9% more compared to similar properties. On an average home, this could be an additional $34,800 on your sales price.  While Green Certification can be difficult to obtain, if you can showcase the energy efficiency of your home, it will be more appealing to potential buyers. If you can show your prospect that the cost of running your property is lower than comparable properties, buyers are likely to be prepared to offer more money quickly to seal the deal.

Demonstrate Care and Attention:

An HVAC system is likely to be the most costly appliance in your home. If you can demonstrate that the system has been properly cared for with preventative maintenance and a warranty, it reflects well on your entire home. Regular maintenance not only increases efficiency, but can also contribute to a longer lifespan of the system. Scheduled maintenance is also necessary to ensure that your warranty remains valid. If you don’t have documentation to show that your system has been properly maintained and is still covered by a warranty, a buyer is likely to assume that coverage is void, and there may be additional expenses. Any buyer is likely to deduct this amount from any offer.