Selecting the Right Thermostat Upgrade Can Lead to Greater Comfort and SavingsThe thermostat, being the smallest component of your HVAC set-up, is often ignored. However, it is here where you can cut energy bills and increase comfort levels, without making major changes to your system.

When considering a thermostat upgrade, there are two main types:manual and programmable. They are both able to work with electric, oil and gas furnaces while controlling your air conditioning system.

  • The manual unit is often found in older properties and requires you to set the temperature and times when you want it to operate. These work well and are efficient, but do require you to reset temperatures frequently, dependent on the season, and have a limited number of time setting options; typically twenty four hours. Many also contain mercury.
  • The programmable thermostat offers far more flexibility and can make a substantial difference in your energy bills when correctly programmed.

Life style is an important factor when considering a thermostat upgrade, and programmable versions offer the greatest level of flexibility. It is possible to set on and off times, temperature settings for different times during the day, and vacation options that will run the system at maximum efficiency while you are away and revert back to normal on your return. It is also possible to change settings while away from home with a remote programming option.

There are many other options to choose from including:

  • Battery operated or backed up. Useful when it is not possible to connect directly to the main supply.
  • Back-lit displays, for low light environments.
  • Indicator systems to let you know a filter change is required or the battery is low.

There are many options and configurations for you to consider, and here at Around The Clock Air Conditioning and Heating, we have been serving the Los Angeles area since 1967. Our in-depth knowledge of the local climate means we can give you the very best advice to maximize your thermostat upgrade, so please do not hesitate to call in for friendly and professional advice.

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