Summertime Cooling Tips for Your Los Angeles HomeBefore long, the Los Angeles summer will be in full swing, and keeping your home cool and comfortable without increasing your utility bills is difficult. By following these summertime cooling tips, you will not have to sacrifice comfort to keep your utility bills affordable:

  • Turn on the Fans: Use ceiling fans and portable fans to move the cool air around your home, and you can increase the thermostat a few degrees, while still maintaining your comfort level. For every degree you raise the temperature, you can save up to three percent off your cooling bills.
  • Clean or Replace Your Air Filters: If the air filter in your air conditioner is dirty or clogged, the system cannot distribute cool air effectively and it forces the system to work harder, using more energy. Check the filter at least once a month.
  • Seal Air Leaks: Any air leaks around doors and windows can significantly increase your cooling costs. Also check the attic floor, ground floor, ceilings and the home’s exterior for leaks, especially around electrical and plumbing lines. Sealing these leaks with weather stripping or caulk will reduce your bill during both the cooling season and the heating season.
  • Seal Air Ducts: Leaking air ducts, or uninsulated air ducts running through unconditioned spaces like the attic, can waste up to twenty-five percent of your cooling energy. Seal the ducts properly with mastic or metal tape and add insulation where it is needed.
  • Add Insulation: If your attic does not have at least R-30 insulation installed, add more to get to the R-30 level. This will help keep your house comfortable and save energy throughout the year.
  • Upgrade Your Appliances: If you have older appliances, especially air conditioners, replace them with Energy-Star equivalents to save up to ten percent off your utility bills.
  • Shade Your Windows: Use eternal awnings or insulated curtains over your windows during the day to avoid gaining extra heat from the sun.

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