Solar Heating And Cooling: Learn How You'll BenefitNothing beats a beautiful sunny day, especially when you’re a Los Angeles-area homeowner with solar heating and cooling. A solar electric system delivers the benefits of free sun-generated electricity that no other heating and cooling system can match.

Explore the benefits of solar heating and cooling

Solar electric systems (or photovoltaic “PV” systems) utilize direct and indirect sunlight to provide cost-effective electricity to homeowners. The initial investment is higher than most other heating and cooling systems. However, the return on investment is relatively short for the southwest area of the U.S. And, you’ll be able to sell the excess electricity generated by the PV system to the utility company (net-metering). Federal tax credits of 30 percent help lower the initial investment, too.

In addition to providing you solar heating and cooling, in sunny regions like southern California, your PV system can power storage or tankless water heaters, and you won’t be left in the dark in the event of power outages from storms, earthquakes or other events.

Stable electricity source

PV systems are engineered to last decades. Installation is critical, so you must choose an experienced HVAC contractorPV installation factors include available space on the roof or other compatible area, the angle of the solar panels, and ongoing professional maintenance to include panel inspection, and replacing antifreeze. Easy do-it-yourself maintenance includes keeping the panels free of debris by spraying them from time to time.

Expanding PV systems

Another advantage of PV systems is that they may be expanded. If it’s more prudent for your budget, begin with a smaller system, and add more solar panels at your discretion. For new home construction, it’s imperative to design your PV system in conjunction with your initial construction plans. If you are adding a PV system to your current home, your HVAC pro can evaluate your home and property for the most desirable results, and cost-effective system.

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