In a world ruled by technology, electricity is an often overlooked but hugely essential part of our everyday lives. Whereas a loss of power once represented a minor inconvenience, in today’s Internet-based society, an extended power outage can mean an interruption in your family’s work and school weeks, as well as an imposition on your family’s quality of life. While many homeowners are forced to rely on the quickness and efficiency of the local electric company during a power outage, others have made the transition to standby generators.

Standby generators put the power of electricity back in your hands. Through a permanent installation and direct connection to your electrical system, a standby generator can detect losses of power and compensate accordingly using what is known as a transfer switch. Once the loss of power has been detected, the generator is switched on, taking as little as ten seconds to restore power to your home.

Standby generators can power as much or as little of your home as you require. In fact, proper sizing is perhaps the most important factor to consider when shopping for a standby generator. If you only require the basic necessities during an outage, such as lights, heating and cooling, refrigeration, etc., a smaller generator may best serve your purpose. However, larger standby generators are capable of powering every aspect of your home if you so desire.

The most accurate way to determine the proper sizing for your household needs is to consult a heating and cooling technician. While online resources can sometimes be helpful, much of the information available about standby generators is either confusing or contradictory. Even if you’re using the most knowledgeable sources and the most accurate online calculation tools, online estimates are just that, and should never replace the qualified opinion of a trained professional.

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