Many homeowners have to face the decision to replace either their air conditioner or furnace, but rarely at the same time. It may seem crazy, but it may be a good decision to replace both at the same time, even if one system is still working. Let’s explore the reasons why this may be the best choice for your home.

Equipment Considerations

Like any piece of complex equipment your air conditioner and furnace will need to be maintained, repaired and ultimately replaced sooner or later. The average life expectancy for a central air conditioning system is 12-15 years, and for a typical furnace, this could be 15-20 years. This can vary a great deal dependant upon a variety of factors, such as the equipment quality, frequency of servicing and the efficiency of the systems. If one of these systems fails and the other needs an increasing frequency of expert attention, it could be a good idea to replace both at once. Two brand new systems will certainly ensure that you have a comfortable and energy efficient home.

Maintaining a Comfortable Home

When you invest in a home cooling and heating system, it can represent a significant investment. Regular servicing can really help by finding and correcting minor issues before they develop into serious problems that could be more expensive to repair. Another key factor to consider is the amount of downtime that an aging system will have. When your equipment isn’t working, your indoor comfort is compromised. For this reason, some people prefer to replace their air conditioner and furnace at the same time. This will reduce the chances that one of the systems will be prone to failure because of a disparity in the age of the equipment.

Deciding When to Replace Equipment

It may be the case that either the air conditioner or furnace has begun to fail on a regular basis. In older equipment, this is usually a sure sign that a replacement is required. Over time wear and tear will take their toll and equipment will be progressively more expensive to repair. Older systems are more likely to suffer from major component failures, and this will drive up the bill for repairs or replacement. Regular servicing will increase the useful lifespan of your equipment, but eventually, it will need to be replaced. This is actually a blessing in disguise for many homeowners that have been nursing their air conditioners and/or furnaces.

The Benefits of Replacement

One of the first benefits that’s noticed by homeowners after changing their equipment is an improvement in heating and cooling performance. This is often accompanied by reduced energy bills because of improvements in efficiency. The home heating and cooling industry is a fast moving technological sector and improvements are regularly made. Many people are surprised at the number of useful new features, improved performance, and energy efficiency that they can enjoy. When you install a new air conditioner and furnace at the same time, you can also ensure that they are a good match. Home heating and cooling functions can be combined in smart home systems that can help you to achieve dramatic savings on your energy bills.