Do you find it difficult to control the climate in your home using your out of date thermostat? Have you ever left the air conditioning on in the commotion of leaving for a vacation? These little annoyances may actually turn into costly inefficiencies over time. Fortunately, today’s air conditioning and heating market offers a wide array of programmable thermostat options that can help bring your home’s climate control into the 21stcentury. With a smart thermostat you enjoy the following capabilities:

Mobile Access

Few things are more frustrating than leaving the house with your air conditioner or heater blasting. Instead of letting those dollars blow away through your vents, consider a smart thermostat that can be set and changed online or through an application on your mobile smartphone or tablet. Don’t let your busy schedule cost you money. Maintain total climate control over your home from anywhere in the world.


Research indicates that more effective and accurate programming of your thermostat can help to lower your utility bills. A smart thermostat works to lower your utility bills by learning your habits and adjusting accordingly. If you maintain a regular work schedule that requires you to leave the house every day, your smart thermostat will moderate the temperature accordingly. Whether you need help remembering to raise or lower the thermostat or you simply don’t feel like fiddling with temperature control everyday, the smart thermostat adapts to your needs.

Energy Reports

A lot of times, you have no idea how much energy you are wasting until you receive your hefty energy bill. Many smart thermostats on the market offer touchscreen displays that let you track energy usage in real time. An improperly working air conditioner could be costing you a fortune. Using the diagnostics and feedback provided by your programmable thermostat, you can make changes that could save you a lot of money in the long run.

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