Programmable Thermostat Misbehaving? Track the Source With These TipsTechnology can be a wonderful thing, and your programmable thermostat is a prime example of how innovation can lead to saving both time and money. But what happens when your thermostat isn’t working properly? Try these simple troubleshooting techniques to get it in top working order again.

1. Check the Power

Even if your thermostat has power, a low battery may cause it to function less efficiently. Some thermostats will warn you of a low charge, while others do not. To replace the batteries, simply turn the thermostat off, remove the front cover and replace with fresh batteries. Most battery-powered thermostats should have batteries replaced every six months. For thermostats wired into the HVAC system, check to see if the home’s power is on.

2. Check the Fuse

Chances are, your programmable thermostat contains a fuse that controls power levels. Inside the fuse is a filament which separates when the fuse burns out. If you notice the filament is broken has blown, take the fuse to a hardware store and get it replaced.

3. Check Both Systems

If your programmable thermostat is not functioning properly with the furnace, try testing it with the air conditioner. Try different settings. If only one system is having problems, then the issue is with that system, and you should call a technician to examine the faulty system.

Problems with both the heating and air conditioning indicate that the thermostat needs to be replaced. Check to see whether your thermostat has been recalled or is still under warranty, in which case the manufacturer will usually send you a replacement free of charge. Otherwise, you may have to purchase a replacement.

In the case of a replacement, you will need to install the new thermostat. This is a fairly simple process, and the unit will come with detailed instructions on the process. If your replacement doesn’t solve the issue, it is time to call a technician to do a full diagnostic of your HVAC system.

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