Many homeowners experience unwanted cold and warm patches throughout their home. Traditional air systems often face this problem due to the natural shortcomings of using one thermostat. Zoning systems, which use multiple thermostats, provide improved comfort while also helping reduce your energy use.  

You would never use a single light switch to control your entire home’s lighting, so why use one thermostat for your entire home’s temperature? After establishing different zones throughout your home, multiple thermostats will be installed to independently control them. This means that Dad can have the study five degrees warmer without baking Mom in the living room.

You also have more control over your air when you have zoning systems. Zones that are frequently empty can be set to an energy-efficient setting that will reduce the amount of air it receives. By not having to pay to keep an unoccupied area comfortable, you can greatly lower your energy costs. Zoned temperature control also lowers the total amount of work that your HVAC system goes through, which helps extend its lifespan.

An HVAC specialist will talk with you to establish the ideal zoning strategy for your home. They will plan around the unique needs of your home’s construction, as well as the temperature preferences and daily routine of your family. Taking such factors into account, they will then formulate the most efficient zoning pattern to maximize energy savings.

The installation itself is a very quick process. The only things that need to be installed are the new thermostats, a control panel and dampers. Some minor ductwork modification may also be necessary.

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