When you call an HVAC contractor, you want to be sure that the technician you are dealing with is one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the California HVAC industry. The question is, How can you be sure?

That is where NATE certification comes in. NATE-certified technicians have proven their expertise to North American Technician Excellence, Inc., an industry-supported non-profit certification program that puts HVAC technicians through a rigorous testing process to be sure that they are at the top of their field.

Dealing with a NATE-certified technician can be beneficial in a number of ways.

  • You know that your questions are being answered by a certified technician with a wealth of proven knowledge and experience.
  • The service you receive is fast, but efficient.
  • Expert installation and maintenance reduces the need for warranty returns and improves your system efficiency, which leads to energy savings over the long term.
  • You’ll also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you won’t have to call back, because the job is going to be done right the first time.

While there are many experienced and well-trained technicians out there, the ever-evolving nature of the HVAC business means that the experience of yesterday does not necessarily benefit the customer of today. Nor does training necessarily prove competence. That’s why asking for a NATE-certified technician is so important in ensuring that you receive the service that you deserve.

Around the Clock Air Conditioning and Heating has been serving the greater North Hollywood, California area for more than 40 years. As such, we understand that as a customer, you want the best service that your money can buy. More important, you want the service that you are paying for and deserve. That is why we have NATE-certified technicians available for all of your heating and cooling needs.

If you have questions about your home HVAC system, let our certified technicians help you find the solutions. Call Around the Clock Air Conditioning and Heating today for an expert consultation.

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