It may be time to replace your aging air conditioner with a newer unit, but there are some things to consider before making a purchase. For many people, simply buying the cheapest unit is as far as their thinking goes, but this is a mistake. Skimping on a poor quality unit could cost more money in the long run due to repair bills and inefficiency. Another area that is seldom addressed is that your split system air conditioner should be properly matched.

Understanding Split System Air Conditioners:Make Sure that Your New Air Conditioner is a Perfect Match

Most split air conditioning systems have two separate elements that work together to provide air conditioning to your home. The part that goes outside your home houses the compressor and the condenser. It may be mounted on an external wall or nearby on a concrete pad. The other half of the system is located in your home, and this contains the evaporator. One of the most attractive features of this system is the low installation cost compared to other air conditioning solutions. This is especially true in homes that have a furnace and have no central air conditioning fitted. Another attractive feature is that split air systems can cool the entire home making them a great alternative to window mounted air conditioning units.

Finding the Perfect Match:

As we can see, the two halves of a split system rely on each other to create an air conditioning solution. The two unit are designed to work together for optimum efficiency when cooling and heating. When you buy a brand new system, it is common to purchase a complete system comprising both the internal and external units. As time goes on it may be the case that one of the units fails, the natural response to this is to replace the defective unit and keep the one that is working fine.

Using a Mismatched Air Conditioner is a Bad Idea:

Fitting a mismatched air conditioning unit is a bad idea, the new unit may be a different brand and model number with a different capacity. You may find that there are a number of incompatibility issues that result from using mismatched air conditioning units. This will result in poor cooling performance, premature wear, and failure. A newer unit could be high efficiency which in theory is great, except if it is paired with an older unit, it can cause excess strain leading to regular repairs and eventual early failure. It may also be the case that your mismatched air conditioner has incompatible refrigerant. Mixing different types of refrigerant can severely impact cooling performance and corrode refrigerant lines. A newer unit will also use a refrigerant that is far more eco friendly than older units.

An Air Conditioning Match Made in Heaven:

It may seem counter intuitive to buy a new split air conditioning system when only one unit has failed. The opposite is true as a matched system will work better, be more efficient, be kinder to the environment and save you money. A system that is matched will require less energy to run and there will be far fewer repair bills to worry about.

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