Thermostats have evolved since the days of the manual dial. In the past, a thermostat was simply a way to adjust your desired temperature, but the technology has developed a great deal in recent years. Since the introduction of programmable thermostats approximately a decade ago, newer models offer more and more high tech solutions to allow you to improve your home comfort and enjoy energy savings. Today, a thermostat does beyond simple programming. So, here we’ll explore how you can make your HVAC system high tech with a voice controlled WiFi thermostat.

Smart Tech for a Smart Home

Smart technology has been making its way into every aspect of American homes including heating and cooling. Today, there is technology available for almost any budget that provides a solution for a wealth of needs. According to Statista data, in 2016 nearly 25% of households in the United States were using smart home technology. Amazon Alexa and Google Home are just two of the voice activated systems that can be used to control different devices inside your home including your audio system, lighting, and security system.

There are some thermostat models that can also be integrated into these systems. This allows you to adjust the temperature in different areas without any need to get up and walk to the thermostat. You can use voice commands by initiating the system and just saying “make it warmer.” This will automatically alert your heating system to raise your indoor temperature.

Even if you don’t have a smart home hub, there are stand alone thermostats that provide WiFi and voice activation technology. There are smart thermostats with voice control that allow adjustment with a few words of voice command while providing access to crucial system information on your smartphone.

New Tech Improving Convenience

Since smart home tech is obviously here to stay, HVAC manufacturers are continuing to develop new technology that is designed to improve comfort and convenience in our homes. The new voice control, WiFi thermostat technology delivers a level of convenience that has never before been offered in the home. This additional layer of convenience has not only preserved comfort, but provided homeowners with a better way to interact with their thermostat and HVAC equipment.

Incorporating voice control into your thermostat removes the need to be tied to your thermostat to make any adjustments in your home comfort. With WiFi connectivity, you can even access and control your HVAC system from your smartphone or other mobile devices, as the system is tied into an app.

The HVAC industry has recognized that consumers not only want additional comfort and convenience, but want to improve safety. When systems integrate and communicate, any issues in the home can be detected, and systems can be shut down to improve safety. For example, there are thermostats that can interact with CO2 detectors, so that when a high carbon monoxide level is detected in the home, the thermostat automatically shuts down the HVAC system to preserve the safety of the family.

As the industry continues to advance and demand increases, we can expect to see even more high tech solutions for our home comfort and convenience. For now, voice control and WiFi will make your thermostat high tech and provide exceptional home comfort.