Buying new HVAC equipment can be a daunting prospect for many homeowners. With the vast range of brands to choose from and different sized systems, it can take time to make the right choice. Here are some important things to consider before you make your final purchase decision.Important Considerations When Buying HVAC Equipment

Every Adult in the Household Should be Aware of the Options:

In many households, there is one spouse who is responsible for making the final purchase decision. In the case of HVAC equipment, this is not necessarily a good idea. All of us have a different perception of indoor air quality and comfort. This means that it is important that all the adults in your household participate in the inspection and purchase process. In order to determine if your new system is the right choice for your household, all the adults need to see it and be able to have all of their questions answered.
There are also aesthetic issues to be discussed within the household. There is a massive choice of equipment options including different efficiency levels, various brands, air filtration options, and humidity controls. There may also be issues such as insulation upgrades, duct repair or ventilation improvements that will need to be discussed. This can be a very steep learning curve for one person, so it is a little unfair to place the burden with one spouse.

Don’t Make Decisions When Distracted or Tired:

If you want to take your purchase decision seriously, you are likely to want to spend some time evaluating your options. Since it is likely that at least one adult in the household works during the day, there will be a temptation to schedule the contractor appointment after work. While this may seem efficient, it is not necessarily a good idea. After a long day at work, you are likely to be tired or distracted. Therefore, it is a better idea to take time out to meet the contractor during the day. This will mean that you are more likely to feel able to focus on evaluating the options without needing to worry about making dinner or the children’s bedtime.
It is likely that your contractor will recommend a whole house checkup, which will involve an in depth inspection. This could typically take two hours, so you will need to allocate enough time in your schedule.

Does the Contractor Explain the Options?

Many contractors assume that all customers want is a low initial cost, so they base their quote on the cheapest options. Unfortunately, this is likely to result in the least efficient HVAC system. Without intention, this could mean that you end up being shortchanged; it may cost you less initially, but you will end up paying more on your energy bills for years to come.
A good and experienced contractor appreciates that it is a professional responsibility to explain all of the available options. They won’t make assumptions to limit your choice and compromise your decision making capabilities. Once they have spoken to you about your needs and assessed your home and existing system, they will use their expertise to create a personalized proposal.

Don’t Rush Your Decision:

Finally, don’t make the mistake of rushing your decision. If your existing system has suffered a catastrophic breakdown, you may feel pressured to decide quickly, but a hasty decision may be something you regret.
Good companies may have a busy schedule, but it is often worth the wait. You may be able to rent a temporary heating or cooling unit to tide you over until you can have a reputable, professional contractor arrange a system that you will be satisfied in the years to come.