Understanding How the Parts of an HVAC System Work Together to Keep You ComfyAn HVAC system has a number of parts that, when they work together, create heating, cooling or ventilation for your home. Following is a rundown on the parts of an HVAC system in a typical home. 

  1. The furnace is positioned in its own space within a building. It’s purpose is to convert energy — usually oil or gas — into heat that is then distributed through ducts.
  2. Theheat exchanger is part of the furnace, and it is where the fossil fuels drawn into the system combust and heat the air by means of a burner. Once heated, the air is distributed throughout the house.
  3. Evaporator coils are housed in a separate enclosure, mounted to the top or side of the unit. This is where moisture and heat are drawn out of the air to cool the home, as the refrigerant turns into a gaseous state and takes heat from the air.
  4. The condenser/compressor unit is situated outside the home with a split system. It operates by compressing gas — the refrigerant after it has been converted into a gas indoors — into liquid form. The liquid travels down a tube, exhausting heat, and returns to the evaporator coils where it turns back to a gas and absorb heat once more.
  5. The refrigerant lines transfer the liquid to the evaporating coils, and return the gas back the condenser unit, to be compressed again.
  6. The thermostat controls the furnace and senses the temperature of the house. You set the temperature and the thermostat decides whether the air needs to be heated or cooled.
  7. Ducts are an integral part of house design, and they deliver the heated or cooled air throughout your home.
  8. The vents are fitted in the ceiling and disperse the air into each room. Generally rectangular and constructed from metal, they are able to withstand wide variations in temperature

The parts of an HVAC system need to work together to maximize efficiency and minimize your energy bills. At Around the Clock Air Conditioning and Heating, we understand this, and have professionals waiting to discuss your needs. So please call us for expert, friendly advice.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “Flat-Design/Shutterstock”