Ways to Keep Debris Out of Your HVAC System When You Are RenovatingThe renovations that improve your living conditions may also cause damage to the HVAC system unless you take the necessary precautions. Dirt and debris can build up on heating and cooling components. Pollutants can accumulate on ductwork that will circulate through your home. Blower fan blades can be knocked out of alignment and need repair or replacement. Protecting the HVAC components is crucial during a renovation project.

Tips for Protecting HVAC Components

  • Limit use of the A/C or furnace – Weather permitting, don’t use the HVAC system. This can help prevent the air filter from becoming clogged with a buildup of dirt and debris.
  • Close registers – Close and seal the registers in the active work areas to stop pollutants from being drawn into the air ducts. Vents in other areas of your home can be left open so the HVAC system can be operated if necessary.
  • Keep the work area clean – It will be impossible to keep the area totally clear of debris, but doing cutting, sanding and other dust-producing tasks outside can eliminate some of the pollutants
  • Cover furniture – Use plastic tarps to cover furniture in and around the construction and to isolate the work area.
  • Change the air filter often – Taking precautions helps significantly to prevent debris from entering HVAC equipment, but a small amount will still find its way into the system. Changing the air filter often can help to prevent clogging which may reduce air flow.
  • Inspect the ductwork –  Consider having a professional inspection of the ductwork and HVAC components. A qualified technician can bring special equipment including a powerful vacuum to reach all parts of the ductwork.

If the project will affect the HVAC operation, be sure to discuss your plans with a professional HVAC contractor. Any changes to the ductwork should be done at the beginning of the renovation project to avoid making expensive revisions later.

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