Germs are a major concern this time of year, especially with the cold and flu going around. You can give your home an extra layer of protection from these and other threats with the help of UV light.

Because most homes today are designed to keep air tightly sealed in, unwanted elements don’t have a way of getting out. One family member may bring in a cold germ, and then it is able to proliferate throughout your house using your ductwork to spread.

A germicidal UV light system can prevent this from happening. UV lights emit low amounts of UV radiation. While this radiation is harmless to you when contained in your air system, it will immediately alter the DNA of any dangerous microorganisms exposed to it, making them unable to reproduce. Contaminants like fungi, viruses and bacteria are no longer a threat.

To incorporate UV lights into your air system, you need the assistance of an HVAC technician. They will install UV lamps, typically near the coil, so that they are able to disinfect a large percentage of the air that passes through. This also helps them keep your air system disinfected. The lamps run continuously, even when your HVAC system isn’t on. These lamps can be installed with new HVAC systems or added on to old ones.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have performed numerous studies proving the effectiveness of UV lamps. They even suggest that they be used in hospitals to prevent the transmission of dangerous diseases amongst patients and staff. Large corporations are also known to use them to prevent the massive amount of sick leave that would occur if employees were to get each other sick.

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