If your home is suffering from poor air quality, you should consider purchasing a UV light system to install alongside your HVAC equipment.  UV lights are a proven tool for eliminating harmful pollutants, such as germs, bacteria and mold.

Health-threatening substances in the air can create a number of problems. And since it’s estimated that the average person spends nearly 90 percent of his or her time indoors, it is crucial that the inside air is clean. By removing unhealthy particles, UV lighting systems can improve the air quality in your house. When these harmful pollutants travel through ultraviolet light, their molecular bonds are torn down and they are no longer a threat.

A recent study conducted by The Lancet illustrated just how effective a UV light purification system really is. The test was carried out by placing UV light systems into different office buildings. The systems were kept on for four weeks and then turned off for 12 weeks in a year-long cycle.

After a year, scientists found that the number of health-related problems for the people who worked in the office buildings had decreased by approximately 20 percent when the UV lights were on. There was a 60 percent decrease in respiratory illnesses and a 30 percent reduction in mucus-related problems. The number of workers complaining of muscle-related problems was nearly cut in half. The scientists also discovered that nonsmokers and people with allergy problems benefited the most from the UV lights.

If your home’s air quality is poor, you should think about getting a UV light system. UV lights can be added to your existing HVAC equipment, and can help it function more effectively by eliminating any buildups of harmful substances.

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